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Professional Makeup

The importance of a makeup artist to a photo shoot is quite often overlooked. Without professional makeup and hair styling, pictures look incomplete. If you really want to give your pictures that wow factor, you really should consider booking our makeup artist.

It is often tempting to try and save some cash and do hair and makeup yourself. If you are on a tight budget, there may not have a choice. However, you will find that our prices offer amazing value for money, so there is really no reason not to have makeup.

A good makeup artist reduces the time in post production and editng the final images. Imagine the time spent in trying to edit out blemishes, stray hair, stretch marks, etc in all the images from an entire shoot. Why bother? This can be achieved much more easily and with far better results by using a professional makeup artist.

Paying the extra for a makeup artist, and then having selected images digitally retouched is definitely the way to go in order to achieve truly eye popping results.

Makeup by Sylvia

Professional makeup and hair styling by Sylvia

We have worked with Sylvia for over 15 years. Creativity, and individualism are at the core of her excellence.

She knows precisely precisely how much makeup is required to achieve any given look under professional studio lighting. She works both in the studio and on location.

Her areas of expertise include

  • Bridal & Runway
  • Air Brush & Body Painting
  • Natural Beauty Makeup
  • Makeup for Pregnancy
  • Corrective Makeup
  • Theatre & Period Makeup
  • Photography, Film, TV & Theatre
  • Horror and Injury Effects
  • Hair styling and extensions

Sylvia can be hired on a freelance basis for weddings and special events.

Why Makeup?

Makeup and hair styling gives a professional touch to any photo shoot. Booking a
professional makeup artist adds quality to the image.

Professional makeup artists have specialist product knowledge and know what works best in front of the camera. They also know which products are suited to different skin types and ethnicities.

Makeup artists have the talent and knowledge to create a multitude of looks from classic beauty to fantasy.

Getting your makeup professionally done is a great pampering experience. It can help soothe your nerves and get you in the mood for the photo shoot process.

Finally,the best makeup artists cut down on the editing and digital retouching which needs to be done after the shoot.

Makeup artists will even out skin tone, hide circles and puffy eyes, cover redness, and hide other flaws and imperfections.

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